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Charlton & Mandy | Groenrivier, Riebeeck Wes

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Charlton is my husband’s colleague (and friend :)) and I first met him at the Cape Town branch of Endress & Hauser (the company my husband works for) probably at one of the business functions at Oom Deon’s house. I then met Mandy at a year end function probably a few years ago. I was so happy when they got engaged and I received an email from Mandy about their wedding. Exciting times! The day arrived and it was so happy indeed. I loved the intimate ceremony and the love that all the family had for this special couple.  Thank you for making me part of this special day!May God richly bless your marriage! xx


Jan-Hendrik & Chrissie-Ann | Cabrieres, Montagu

Monday, November 18th, 2013

The day of Jan-Hendrik and Chrissie-ann’s wedding was a long day. We were awoken at 6am by Dirk’s parents (Jan-Hendrik is my husband Dirk’s brother) who told us that we had to evacuate the farm as the rain was causing potential river flooding. Obviously my parents-in-law were worried about me because I had to take the photos so it was quite important to get me off the farm with Dirk, who was also the best man. Some of you will clearly remember this weekend as being stormy and I just remember seeing fellow photographers wishing each other luck on this day (I only saw this the next day as we don’t have signal on the farm). I spent an hour photographing the river and we also found a rarity – a cactus with flowers (they only bloom when there is rain). We still had to find a place to sleep for that evening and thankfully my aunt offered us a cozy bed in their house. To give you a bit background as to Jan-Hendrik and Chrissie-ann – they officially met in their first years of studies in Wellington (Chrissie was studying in Cape Town and was at carnaval with a friend). Both grew up on farms – Jan-Hendrik in Montagu and Chrissie-ann in Carnavon. They also got married at the same venue that Dirk and I got married. I cannot believe that three years ago we were celebrating our wedding. Now it was their turn :) Needless to say the wedding was big because they both know so many people and they love entertaining! Through the rains and the flooding waters, through the cold and the running around I am still honoured to have been their photographer. It is a wonderful gift to have them be one of your first couples to photograph and then get asked to photograph their wedding. There is no-one more perfect for Jan-Hendrik than Chrissie-ann. She compliments him in every way imaginable. I am honoured to have her as my sister-in-law or sussie as we say. Jy maak n kamer sommer lig waaneer jy instap sus. En so sal jy in Jan-Hendrik se lewe wees. Mag die Here julle huwelik altyd seen en maak hom deel van die huwelik. Dit is ‘n wonderlike avontuur en om dit met jou beste vriend te kan deel is die beste! Liefde julle suster xx Dankie aan my man Dirk vir al jou hulp en ondersteuning. Dankie dat jy saam deur die reen gehelp het om vir my droog te hou met ‘n saambreel :)


D.G & Juanri | Tanglewood, Wellington

Monday, November 11th, 2013

It was such a incredibly blessed day for D.G and Juanri! If you have been following my photography for a while you would know that I ran a competition in April of this year where I wanted to bless a couple by photographing their wedding. The entrants had to write their stories of how they met but there were also other questions they had to answer. When I read their story and saw their happy smiling faces in the photo they sent with their entry I just knew. I told my husband – “we should just stop looking for winners because I found them”! The Lord had told me who it was and so when I told them they won, they were so excited! I believe that if you are blessed and have a lot to give, then you can always bless someone else by giving from a talent you have (would not call myself talented lol but with what God has blessed me, I would like to bless others). When the day arrived, we all were so excited. Juanri specially made her beautiful wedding dress – as she is a designer ;) She also made her bridesmaid’s dresses! God was part of the day from beginning to end and I was crying during the ceremony because there is just such joy and I just see God’s love exuding from this couple. I must say, I have been blessed by being able to photograph this wedding. It truly was amazingly beautiful – not just because of the decor but because of these two special people’s beautiful hearts. Their hearts are for Jesus. Ek kry sommer ‘n knop in my keel want dit was so lekker gewees en die dag staan sterk in my geheue. Mag die Here julle ryklik seen en hou aan sy lig skyn. Julle liefde is ‘n testimony van Jesus se liefde. xx


Werner & Megan | Cabrieres, Montagu

Monday, November 4th, 2013

What a beautiful day in Montagu it was on Werner and Megan’s wedding day! I was so thankful to be able to take photos for them :) Thanks to Tena my cousin, who was a bridesmaid, Megan heard of my photography. My husband and I also got married at Cabrieres three years ago and it was so good to be back there. Megan reminds me of a old hollywood beauty – classy and timeless. Together as a couple – they were amazing to photograph! They are so kind and two genuinely lovely people. It was an honour to be behind the lens for them. Geniet die fotos! Liefde xx


Jan & Stephanie | Grootbos, Gansbaai

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Jan & Stephanie fell in love with Grootbos when they visited South Africa in 2011. At that time they had been dating for 5 years. Stephanie contacted me in April this year saying that they were going to get married in October. I was so excited to receive the email and even more so when they booked me! In total there were 7 people at the wedding – close friends and family. It was intimate and really amazing! After the register signing in the Champagne Bar at the lodge, we all drove down in a Land Rover to the beach. It was truly breathtaking and so special. Fran, my friend helped me with this wedding and she was my reflector master! What an honour to have been part of this couple’s special day. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me :) Much love to Hamburg where they reside xx


Wynand & Ilouise | Eureka, Durbanville

Monday, September 16th, 2013

One thing that truly stood out for me about Wynand & Ilouise’s wedding was their family. Seeing her and his parents and how much they love and care for each other is amazing. Their parents have been such wonderful examples and I know that Wynand & Ilouise will have a blessed and very happy marriage.  I just see utter contentment and joy between these two – the photos speak for themselves I believe :) Blessings vir julle. Wat ‘n voorreg om deel te kon wees van julle troue. xx



Blossom Styled Bridal Shoot | Oude Muur, Montagu

Monday, August 26th, 2013

I must apologize for the delay regarding this shoot because my editing was delayed due to my wisdom teeth being extracted. The medication caused nausea as well as drowsiness and shockingly depression as well – it was quite a drama. I had been thinking about doing a styled shoot for quite some time but never really had enough courage to plan one. When I do something, I want to do it right because I am to a certain degree a perfectionist. I had imagined a apricot orchard filled with blossoms and decor but the decor were blanks. When the ball started rolling regarding the shoot the blanks were filled and of course pinterest helped to give me ideas.  I knew I had to incorporate a ribbon curtain and pom poms into this shoot. Listelle actually contacted me regarding a styled shoot and it pushed me to start planning this one. With the help of Listelle and Cecilia I got put into contact with the lovely Janita and Teresa who allowed me to borrow their stunning wedding dresses for the shoot. The white one with the shoulder detail is Teresa’s and the light pink one is Janita’s.I think the first things I did was book Cecilia for hair and make-up, then contact Lizl from Flamboijant regarding chairs and decor hire and then Lizanne from Teaspoon Tips for cutlery and crockery. In two weeks everything was planned! The last week I had to make the pom poms which is so super easy. I bought beautiful ribbons, the dessert glass stand,cloches and glass bottles from the most awesome place Bunches for Africa. The day before the shoot I bought the flowers from Bunches for Africa and the night before the shoot while in Montagu I made my ribbon curtain which left my fingers full of super glue! Lizl was so kind to arrange all the flowers because I did not have a cooking clue how to arrange them – she made the bouquet as well. While Cecilia was busy with Listelle’s make-up I put the decor together in the hot sun (we were blessed with beautiful weather!). Looking at all the elements together, I got really excited! The hour finally arrived to start photographing the decor which was quite difficult seeing that it was outside and I tell you this: poppies (orange ones) do not like being photographed. Thank you to all who made this a success and I thank my husbands parents for their hospitality and farm, Jan-Hendrik for his kitchen table and for transporting the table from his house. Enjoy the shoot and please see all the service providers links at the bottom of the post :) xx




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