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Hello! I am a Cape Town Wedding photographer who specializes in Couple, Engagement shoots and Weddings. I also photograph weddings throughout the Western Cape. Go to the About tab at the top for more information about me, the photographer.

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Jaun & Elizma | Diemerskraal, Wellington

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

This was a unbelievable blessed wedding day for Jaun & Elizma. Elizma got ready at the picturesque Langkloof Roses and looked amazing on her wedding day! Their ceremony was so beautiful and they took the opportunity to honour their parents as well. The Lord was so present at this wedding and I know that their marriage will be very blessed! After my photography duties were done – and what an honour it was – I got to be a guest and dance a bit with my husband Dirk. Ons is so bly vir julle en weet dat julle huwelik so geseend gaan wees! Geniet die fotos xx


Johan & Kylie | Groenrivier, Riebeeck-Wes

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

You will remember Johan & Kylie from their lovely engagement shoot that took place in Tokai. They had their wedding at Groenrivier – just outside of Riebeeck Wes. Getting married in winter can be a little risky with the weather but then again you can always get a terribly rainy day in April or even November as I have seen. It was raining on this particular day but I kept interceding for them in prayer and God truly came through. It never rained for the photo session although it was very cold as the snow had started to settle on the mountain. Kylie looked so beautiful and Johan was absolutely in awe of how she looked. He thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and now he has married her – so sweet! You are two exceptionally special people and I am so happy to have been part of your special day. May God bless your marriage immensely. Enjoy the photos xx


Regardt & Jenel| Tokai, Cape Town

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Jenel and Regardt are getting married in Stellenbosch in September and were in Cape Town the past weekend as they live in Jeffreysbay.  We had to be very positive about the weather and luckily we caught a break. No rain yay! Jenel really liked the location that I had used for two previous engagement shoots because it fits in with her wedding theme. She liked the pine trees and well so do I – they are so pretty. I am sure I made them feel as though instead of a photoshoot I was making them have a gym session because I made them lie down and then get up etc. No worries – these things don’t happen at weddings. The engagement shoot is just a nice place to try different things :) One can’t roll around in a wedding dress ;) Regardt and Jenel make a cute couple and they had a good laugh at the end when the got to attack each other with powder paint. Geniet die fotos! xx


Adrian & Carla | Kronenburg, Paarl

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Adrian & Carla’s wedding was a wonderful celebration and the week of the wedding it had been raining like crazy but when Saturday came, things cleared up and I was so happy for this lovely couple! Everything was beautiful at this wedding from the decor to the way Carla looked. The reception was a lot of fun which included the single men trying to pop balloons which were tied around their ankles, to Adrian having so much fun on the dance floor which resulted in Carla laughing a lot :) They certainly were surrounded by wonderful family and friends and I am sure it was an amazing evening after I left. Dankie dat ek julle trou dag kon afneem. Julle is spesiaal en dit was wonderlik om deel te kon wees van julle spesiaale dag. Mag die Here julle ryklik seen! Geniet die fotos! xx


Adrian & Carla | Tokai & Noordhoek

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

This was a fun day filled with laughter :) We started in Tokai – I just love this forest because of it’s beauty (plus I feel really safe there). We then headed to the scenic Noordhoek beach where we walked on dunes. The wind was a bit brutal but Adrian and Carla handled it so well. They make a stunning couple and I cannot wait for their wedding in two weeks time! Geniet die fotos xx


William & Louise | Kilcairn, Hermon

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

William and Louise met each other on a cruise ship that they both worked on a few years ago while working and besides being happy and in love, they are best friends. I met Louise last year while working and then after she got engaged she contacted me regarding her wedding. They were blessed with beautiful autumn weather and all around us was yellow leaves during the ceremony. I enjoyed the day with this couple thoroughly and their guests had a good time dancing after the last speeches were done. Louise, like myself, love Karaoke. She is considered the queen of karaoke amongst her friends and so was brave (I wanted to do this for my hubby but did not have the guts) so serenade him. It was so sweet and she sang her heart out :) Everyone was cheering for her! Congratulations to a lovely pair. Enjoy the photos! Many blessings xx


Moira | Stellenbosch

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

I first met Moira at a photographer get together last year. She herself is a wedding photographer and a brilliant one at that. I am a huge fan of her work! I find it very important to stay inspired and to photograph something other than weddings from time to time. I was lying in bed one night and thought about asking Moira to be a model – just so that I can be creative and try different poses and shots. She agreed which made me very happy! I then asked Cecilia from the Exquisite Look to do Moira’s make-up and hair. Moira first had a lighter more light pink/coral shade on her lips and then I said it was too “bridal”. Cecilia then applied the hot pink shade and we knew we had the right colour. Moira brought what seemed like her whole wardrobe to my house which was so funny. I added my shoes and one dress to the selection. My favourite dress looks like it was made for her – it is a YDE dress with leather detail around the waist. I really had a lot of fun and Moira proves to be very photogenic – like VERY. Enjoy the photos xx



Sammie & Marli | Bruintjies River Lodge, Swellendam

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

I was a little worried that it was going to rain on this wedding but it did not rain at all and thank goodness. I said a little prayer before the wedding and asked for the sun to peek out during the couple shoot – which it did. Awesome how God is always faithful. Marli is one of my cousin L’nell’s closest friends who once again referred one of her friend to me which I am always grateful for. I loved the decor at this wedding . I was really in awe of how creative it was and how beautiful it looked. And I loved Marl’s dress and Sammie’s dapper bow tie.  They are such a cute couple and were a joy to photograph! Julle is baie dierbaar en so mooi saam! Mag die Here julle baie seen in julle huwelik! Liefde xx




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