Riaan & Renate | Panorama Nature Haven, Franskraal

The day started out a bit overcast and intermittent showers for Riaan & Renates wedding day. I always consider rain to be a blessing for a couple and indeed it was. The clouds gave way to beautiful sunshine for their nuptials. What a pleasure to have been part of their special day! These two have beautiful hearts and such an amazing future ahead. Thank you for having me as your photographer xx View full post »View full post »

The Riley Family | Edmonton | 4 October 2015

This is such an wonderful family – the kids are just so cute! I enjoyed spending time with them & capturing their love for each other. Enjoy the photos! xx View full post »View full post »

Leah & Charlie | Sherwood Park

These two are so very special! The first time I ever saw Charlie was in the grocery store and I remember thinking how incredibly cute she is! She is so energetic and as you will see in the photos – she loves her stuffed animals, plants and sometimes pebbles I love the relationship that Leah and Charlie have. She has the best momma! Much love xx View full post »View full post »

Allyson & Maxwell | Charlesworth, Edmonton

Allyson is a colleaque of mine and someone I consider a very dear friend! She always is so friendly and caring. I really feel blessed to have met her! Maxwell is a ray of sunshine and such a energetic little boy. This was so much fun to be able to capture this mother and son. Enjoy the photos xx View full post »View full post »

Chris & Kyla | Wagner Natural Area, Edmonton

We met the lovely Chris & Kyla at church. They originally come from Winnipeg and moved to Edmonton a while back. We walked around Wagner park (a fellow photographer had a shoot there and that is how I knew of it – thank you Becky!) and it was so incredibly beautiful there. It was unbelievably quiet – I am so used to being surrounded with noise because we live downtown. A beautiful couple and stunning scenery – what more could a photographer ask for. Thank you for lettingView full post »

Daniel & Kaitlyn | Fort Edmonton Park

I first met Daniel at church – our church being the Church at South Edmonton. He is a worship leader and an amazing guitarist! He is engaged to the beautiful Kaitlyn who has one of the most beautiful singing voices. My husband and I were so amazed when we heard her sing at church. As I am trying to expand my portfolio here in Canada, I asked if they would want to do a couple shoot with me and they said yes! I love the snow and the beauty that Edmonton has to offer. It is quite a departureView full post »

Matthew & Katherine |Arniston Hotel

Matt & Katy’s wedding is a very special wedding because it was officially my last wedding I photographed in South Africa because I am leaving for Canada next week (until I come back in December 2015). I travelled to Arniston which is such a lovely coastal town. Their wedding was a small and intimate affair and was thoroughly enjoyed by all attending. They said their vows in the early afternoon with the ocean as a view and for their reception had their own private room where theyView full post »

Renzo & Raphaela | Cape Town

I had the privilege of meeting this lovely Swiss couple just after the new year had started and the same day my husband left of Canada. They cheered me up and I thoroughly enjoyed their company! What a lovely pair. They are full of joy and were a pleasure to photograph. Enjoy the photos! Hope this photos will bring back very happy memories xx View full post »View full post »

Laurens & Karla | Delvera, Stellenbosch

Karla is the daughter of one of my mom’s most dearest friends Karin. I was blessed to be their photographer for their very special wedding. Karla looked so elegant in her wedding dress and was so happy! If ever there was a relaxed and calm bride – it was Karla When Karla arrived at the chapel at Morgenhof, Laurens was so happy to see her. You could see in the way he looked at her that it was as if his eyes said to her “at last, we are together” and I reckon he seesView full post »